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How To Play PAIN
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Object of the Game
To get your "pain" all the way down to ONE, or ACE, before your opponent does. The lower your pain, or Health Card, is, the better.
How to Start the Game
First place two card upside down, one for each player. These are the Tie Breakers. Next place two cards face up for each player. These cards are the players' "health." They CANNOT be Aces, Jacks, Queens, or Kings. If they are replace them. Next, deal out four cards to each player. These cards are the players' hands. You can look at them. Then place the rest of the cards in the middle between both players. Decide who goes first.
How to Play
On your turn, first you take a card either from the Deck or the Discard Pile. You should now have FIVE cards. Next you play a card on either your Pain, or your opponent's Pain, of you may discard a card. Once you play a card your turn is done and it is now your opponent's turn.
How to Decide what Card to Play
On your Health, you may place a card one lower, one higher, or of the same value as the current Health Card. But since the lower the better, you would want to play a lower card. If the card is an ACE, you win! This goes for all cards EXCEPT face cards. Face cards are completely different. Jacks, which can be played at any time except when the current Health Card is a King, KILL you or your opponent (of course you wouldnt want to kill yourself, but sometimes you may feel suicidal). Once you are a Jack, no cards may be played on you besides a Queen. Queens may ONLY be played on Jacks and they represent Rebirth. Once you are a Queen, you may be killed again with a Jack. Queens cannot do anything until a King is played on them. Kings are very special cards and can be played at ANY time (except on a Jack or on another King). Once you are a King you may place ANY card (except for another face card or an Ace) ontop of it. This is useful if you are stuck at Ten. Now you may think this is a little unfair, but remember you can only play one card per turn. So that means your opponent gets the chance to play whichever card he/she chooses to play on you (2-10). Okay, now this may seem confusing, but if you play the game up there you will get the hang of it.
What happens when the Deck Runs out
When the Deck Runs out, turn the discard pile upside down and replace the deck. You may shuffle if you wish, but in this game it doesn't.
In the Event of a Tie
When you feel you CANNOT play any more cards at all, and neither player has won the game by playing an Ace, ask your opponent if you wish to declare a tie. If he/she accepts, then its Tie Breaking time. Both of you flip over your tie breaker cards. Which ever has the lower value (From Highest to Lowest - King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9....2, Ace), wins the Tie Breaker and the Game. If you happen to have the same suit, then test by suit ranks (From Highest Rank to Lowest - Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs).
This game can be played with more than two players and is more fun to play too! John says that the maximum number of players should probably be 4 or 5. It's hard enough to get an Ace with just two players. Starting off lucky and avoiding death will help you win. Also, remember once a card is played on either player, that card doesnt go back in the deck, so it's out of play for good (once another card is played ontop of it). Strategically, you could use that to your advantage to cut your opponent off from a certain card it needs (ex. you get rid of some two's and keep the rest of the two's in your hand - the opponent could never win). Another option is to be able to play ANY card you want on a Queen without having to turn to a king next. This would result in less death and more action.
Author's Note
This card game was originally created by my brother, Johnathan, in 1997. When I learned JavaScript, in March 2002, I needed an idea for a game so I thought "Hey! Why don't I use that game John invented way back!" Since then I've added my own changes to it. You can, if you find it neccissary, change the rules around. Yes I know there is already a Card game called PAIN, and no, this is not it, nor is it a ripoff (well it might be.. I've never actually played it)

PAIN is 1997,2002 CJ Carr and Mfish Productions